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After referring to “HUNTER POINT” detective agency, you obtain free preliminary advice and recommendations of a professional polygraph examiner (lie detector).

Based on scientific approach using a modern polygraph, this research methodology will help to confirm or disprove suspicions, specify the range of problems and select the shortest way to resolve the issue.

Lie detector (polygraph) can help with the following issues:

  1. Possible fact of marital unfaithfulness;
  2. Family issues of various nature;
  3. Thefts, embezzlement, deception of employer;
  4. Drugs, alcohol intake;
  5. Issues of corporate ethics and secrecy;
  6. Information concealment;
  7. Ascertaining facts and biography;
  8. Screening at employment.

Work with a respondent (the testee) is carried out by individual selection of test questions. At the request of the customer initiating polygraph testing, it also includes a pre-test and post-test interview, drawing up a psychologist’s opinion and his recommendations.

An independent expert guarantees secrecy of the information obtained in the course of testing.

Advice is rendered on confidential basis.

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“HUNTER POINT” detective agency was established in order to render services in investigative activities and operates around the clock to provide assistance to businesses and individuals. All information we receive is strictly confidential and accessible solely to the customer. You can ask about any service you need unless you found them among those on offer.

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